Ocelot Lurgutre
 Koray Kömürcü
Rohat Türk
This project based on the workshop of Jorge  Franscara & Guillermina Noél. It is an in-school project. It aims to make people use the stairs instead of the elevator for energy saving. In this project actually we would like to create awareness and this awareness is already our solution. According to our experiences and add to people’s experiences (thanks to interviews) we reach some point to aware something  before the create. We try to inform people show direction and use a excuse. Hope so this movements will start to work our main purpose. 
Brainstorm with Diagram. We categorized our topic like.Why people use the stairs? and why they don't?.We saw all ideas which was come to our mind and after that we jumped the next step.

We had a two idea. One is about health the other one is about time. Before to decide we asked people which one is more important for you.
and as you guess our users are generally young people and they care time more than health. Time is better reason for use the stairs for our users. So we decide to do some visuals about elevartor's  time consuming.
-------------------------------------Infographic for time consuming-------------------------------------
 we shared our works with users and asked some questions
we changed our visuals and try to fix problems
-------------------------------------by. Rohat Türk-------------------------------------
Stickers for stairs.
It show the level of gaining.
According to our experience one floor include 36 step and 3 part
each part include 12 step and ..
-------------------------------------by. Koray Kömürcü-------------------------------------
each of every 12 stairs include a floor. For remind and inform we design a banner for every floor of the stairs.
-------------------------------------Animation By Ocelot Lurgutre-------------------------------------
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